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Effect of valsalva early strain 2,
Effect of valsalva late release 2,
Effect of standing 2
676  cards
Classification of asthma 2,
Quid asthma intermittent and rx,
Quid asthma mild persistent and rx
265  cards
Management of respiratory problem...,
What to monitor in ptient with my...,
Trigeminal neuralgia management
238  cards
Hemato oncologie
Hyperglycemia and skin findings 2,
Skin findings in glucagonoma,
Zone bastion de nme 3
409  cards
Cause of whipple disease,
Clue for whipple,
Extra intestinal manif of whipple 2
401  cards
Quid of herpes zoster,
Other name of herpes zoster,
Rx of shingles 3
161  cards
Clue for epiglotitis 3,
Harsh shrill in epiglotitis,
Most common bugs causing epiglott...
60  cards
Clue for surreptitious vomiting 2,
Normotension and metabolic alkalo...,
Urine chloride in surreptitious v...
412  cards
Finding in renal biopsy in mpgn,
Quid of dense deposit,
Physiopatho in mpgn
312  cards
Quid of amebic liver disease,
Rx of amebic abcess,
Patient with hepatic mass after t...
283  cards
Gastroenteritis after salad consu...,
Food associated with staph 5,
Most commonly food tested in usml...
365  cards
Middle aaged man who has to hold ...,
Physiopatho of presbyopia,
Quid of stye
88  cards
Clue for phenylcyclidine poisonni...,
Rx of intoxication wtih phenylcyc...,
Clue for tca overdose
88  cards
Preventive Medecine
Screenning test for pancreatic ca...,
Why use ca 19 9,
Recommended vaccine in hiv 2
66  cards
Positive straight leg test,
Rx of acute back pain with no neu...,
Clue for whipple disease 3
331  cards
What s the most common fracture o...,
Risk in scaphoid fracture,
Work for scaphoid fracture
528  cards
Quid of alternative treatment 2,
What to do if a patient is intere...,
How to dx major depressive episode 8
409  cards
Meningite and refractaire hypoten...,
Hemiplegia in chidren after havin...,
4 forms of tetanos 2
902  cards
Clue for pcos 3,
What hormone is high in pcos 2,
Problem in pcos causing hyperglyc...
578  cards
Role of 1 25 oh vit d,
Cause of low 1 25 oh vit d,
Hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia
180  cards
Standard deviation normal distrib...,
Standard deviation normal distrib...,
Standard deviation normal distrib...
145  cards
pediatrie 2
Kid with drooling fever odynophag...,
Clue for retropharyngeal abcess i...,
Complication of retropharyngeal a...
576  cards

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