WSET 2 Winter 2018

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WSET 2 - Chapter 1 - Tasting and Evaluating Wine
An off dry wine is,
White wines and roses have _____ ...,
Name two thin skinned wine varietals
57  cards
WSET 2 - SAT Approach to Tasting
What are three descriptors for an...,
What are modifiers for fruits off...,
How many elements do you evaluate...
44  cards
WSET - Chapter 2 - Wine with Food
What are the two components in fo...,
What are the two components in fo...,
What does it mean that a wine tas...
42  cards
WSET - Chapter 3 - Viniculture
Name the five things a vine needs...,
How is climate different than wea...,
Name three elements that control ...
42  cards
Chapter 4 - Wine Labels
What five pieces of information c...,
What does gi stand for define,
What does pdo stand for this is e...
42  cards
Chapter 5 - Responsibility
What are the units of bac,
What is the range of legal bac fo...,
Under what four conditions should...
9  cards
Chapter 6 - Storage and Service
What temperature in c and f shoul...,
Why should you store wine on its ...,
What happens to a wine if the cor...
18  cards
Chapter 7 - Chardonnay
What are two winemaking processes...,
What flavors are introduced by ma...,
How does malolactic fermentation ...
34  cards
Chapter 8 Pinot Noir
Pinot noir likes ____ and _____ c...,
When its too cool pinot noir will...,
When its too hot pinot noir will ...
23  cards
Chapter 9 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
In australia what is cabernet sau...,
What three things does a cabernet...,
What does the term grand vin mean
37  cards
Chapter 11 - Syrah and Grenache
What characteristics does viognie...,
What four flavors are introduced ...,
Wht region is on an inexpensive s...
34  cards
Chapter 12 - Riesling
Riesling is an ______ white grape...,
What type of climate is riseling ...,
In a cooler climate what flavors ...
18  cards
WSET Chapter 10 Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon is a _____ white grape ...,
What is the flavor profile of a s...,
Savuignon blanc needs a ____ clim...
28  cards
WSET Chapter 13 Other White Grapes
Where is pinot grigio pinot gris ...,
Where is verdichhio grown,
Where is trebbiano grown
23  cards
WSET Chapter 14 Other Black Grapes
Where is gamay grown,
Where is tempranillo grown,
What is douro
24  cards
Chapter 15 - Sparkling Wine
What are two methods to make spar...,
What do you start with when makin...,
What do you add during the second...
29  cards
WSET Chapter 16 - Sherry and Port
What is a fortified wine,
What town is sherry made in country,
What is the base wine for sherry
28  cards
WSET Chapter 17 Sweet Wines
What are three methods to make a ...,
How is muscat de beaumes made sweet,
What ways can you insure that gra...
8  cards
Chapter 18 Distillation Process
What is the aim of distillation,
What is a pot still,
What is a column still
7  cards
WSET Chapter 20 Spirit Categories
What three things affect the flav...,
Brandy is distilled,
Name three types of brandy
11  cards

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