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What are the units of BAC?

Milligrams of ethanol per milliliter of blood


What is the range of legal BAC for driving?

Very much depends. Around the world its 0.0 to 0.8 BAC and some states in the US are lowering it to 0.5.


Under what four conditions should you NOT drink alcohol?

If you are pregnant, about to drive a car, have a history of metal illness/depression, or have medications that interfere with alcohol


What two organs absorb alcohol?

Stomach and the small intestine


Alcohol enters your bloodstream and affects you _____ after your drink

A few minues


How many drinks an hour does the body break down on average?

About one drink an hour


How many grams of alcohol are in a glass of wine about?

Say 20


If you drink five glasses of wine how long will it take before all of the alcohol breaks down?

Ten hours (break down 10g/hour)


The protective effects of wine consumption apply only to which population?

Post-menopausal women and men over 40.