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What is hypersensitivity,
What is the pathophysiological ba...,
When does an allergic reaction occur
20  cards
What are the regions of the upper...,
What are the regions of the lower...,
Where is fascia found
66  cards
Bacterial Virulence
Where does staph aureus colonise,
Where is s pyogenes normally found,
What organisms cause toxic shock ...
28  cards
Cutaneous Drug Eruptions
When does a cutaneous drug erupti...,
Which age group is most likely to...,
What underlying conditions can pr...
21  cards
What is hyperkeratosis,
What is parakeratosis,
What is acanthosis
18  cards
What is a severe presentation of ...,
What is the earliest sign of tube...,
What is the inheritance pattern o...
13  cards
Inflammatory Skin Disease
What immune reactions are most co...,
What is type i hypersensitivity,
Name three cutaneous examples of ...
12  cards
Name three chemicals that mediate...,
What nerves transmit itch from th...,
What are the four causes of itch
10  cards
Leg Ulcers
What is a chronic leg ulcer,
What type of leg ulcer is most co...,
Which age group are leg ulcers mo...
10  cards
When does a reaction occur in all...,
What is urticaria,
What is given for urticaria
16  cards
Name a benign epidermal tumor,
Who commonly gets seborrheic kera...,
What is seborrheic keratosis
50  cards
What are the three major routes o...,
What effect do topical treatments...,
What effect to transdermal and su...
29  cards
How long should patients with mil...,
What is the topical treatment for...,
What are three topical retinoids
94  cards
Skin Examination
What is distribution looking at,
What is configuration looking at,
What is morphology looking at
39  cards
Skin Immunology
What is a cytokine,
What is hypersensitivity,
What forms the keratin layer
36  cards
Structure and Function of the Skin
What is the most common cell type...,
Name three cells that arent kerat...,
How do melanocytes reach the epid...
108  cards
Topical Skin Therapeutics
Name six possible bases that topi...,
What is a cream,
What do creams contain
32  cards

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