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Pass Your FINRA License Exam

Whether you are studying to get your Series 7, Series 63, Series 3, Series 65, Series 66, or pretty much any other FINRA certification, Brainscape has all the study materials you could wish for. When passing your FINRA exams is vital to your goals, you deserve a web and mobile app that breaks down all your finance questions and answers in a way that doubles your learning speed and the duration of your memory retention. Don't forget to check out our test prep tips to prepare you for your perfect exam day! 

Get Your Certified Financial Advisor (CFA) License

If your dream is to work as a financial analyst or get a finance job on Wall Street (or to continue with the job you'd been hired to do!), then gaining a CFA certification is a must. The CFA reputation in the business community is world class, and CFA charterholders work in many countries around the world.

CFA charterholders earn more on average than non CFA charterholders. The CFA Institute has frequently covered this in their compensation surveys, where they have concluded that CFA charterholders’ median salary is at least 54% higher than non CFA charterholders.

Gaining your CFA certification is hard work so it makes sense to complement your study with the best study aids. Brainscape has thousands of free to use and free to try CFA flashcards that have been created by top students and training managers

Get Your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License

Being a CPA means you are a qualified accountant, but it also means much more than that. With this qualification to your name, your career opportunities become as diverse as you can imagine – think worldwide. The CPA’s prime goal is to qualify you as a certified accountant but it also opens many more doors to you than this.

Passing the CPA Exam is tough. Indeed, the first-time pass rate is just 30%! However Brainscape is on hand to help you succeed. NINJA CPA Review has partnered with Brainscape to bring you the NINJA Flashcards. The most-popular CPA Review flashcards in the industry (used on over 51,300 exams.) are now powered by Brainscape - the most-powerful learning engine in the education market today.

Pairing Brainscapes' adaptive learning platform with the detailed must-know CPA Exam concepts has already helped tens of thousands of CPA candidates achieve top scores on the exam. Let NINJA Flashcards be YOUR go-to source for mobile CPA Exam prep.

Brainscape's game-changing learning technology, combined with Ninja's comprehensive set of bite-sized Q&A content, makes this app the most effective and efficient prep tool anywhere.

The Most Effective Finance Study Guides

As many seasoned students know, spaced repetition -- a method extensively proven by learning scientists -- is a great way to learn effectively. Spaced repetition is a method whereby a concept is repeated and studied over and over again with spaces in between. And as many philosophers have said, "Repetition is the mother of all learning".

Brainscape takes the concept of spaced repetition and puts it on steroids, through our unique Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR) learning system.

With CBR, not only do you see a flashcard which allows you to memorize that fact, but you also rate your confidence as to how well you knew the subject matter, with a scoring system, from 1-5. Brainscape uses a powerful algorithm to then determine when to show you the same flashcard again. A score of “1” will mean that the flashcard will be repeated frequently and a score of “5” means that the flashcard will be repeated far less frequently. This system allows you to concentrate on weaker areas and manage your study time effectively.

Our learning algorithms have been refined over a period of several years and are guaranteed to at least double your study efficiency.

When passing your financial exams is crucial to achieving your career goals, Brainscape is the solution to getting ahead.

Each time you take the CPA,CFA or CFA exam you or your employer will be spending money, and with a high failure rate on these exams, it makes sense to invest in a learning method that will get you results.

So check out the free flashcards and premium flashcards today, and start on your way to a perfect exam score!