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Studying for your AP exams can be daunting, and you need to know both the facts and the vocabulary before you can answer the more complicated skill-based questions.  Brainscape flashcards give you the foundational knowledge that you need to succeed plus we offer additional guides for AP exam prep.

Brainscape has free and premium flashcards on all the AP subjects from AP Calculus prep to AP Psychology prep. You can use the specially created flashcards to intensify your learning and get ahead.

How to Study for AP Tests

Studying for AP exams can feel like a Herculean task. Not only do you have to keep up with often demanding coursework, but you also have to prepare for a 3-hour, multi-part exam.

But you can do it and here are a few test prep tips to help you succeed.

First of all, make a plan. Having reviewed the content and syllabus of your coursework write down what you are going to study each week. For example, if you were studying for an AP European History exam, then you might plan to cover the turn of the century in week one and WW1 in week two. Also, plan as to how you are going to study such as making flashcards and reviewing multiple-choice questions.

You will also need to find practice exams and questions from the college board and have your answers reviewed by your tutor.

Besides, you need to find a study aid to complement your AP test prep. In the past, many students would use books as a study aid, but eLearning is regarded as a great way to boost your knowledge and understanding. It is more visual and uses flashcards and technology to help you learn effectively.

Brainscape has thousands of flashcards that will help you to take in all the information you need to learn -- whether you're studying for AP US History, reviewing for AP Chemistry, prepping for AP Physics, improving your AP Government test score, or preparing for pretty much any other AP test. These flashcards, in conjunction with practice tests, are THE way to ace your AP exams.

What AP Scores Do You Need for College Credit?

Getting great AP scores is a great way to get credit for having taken college classes (and even to impress admissions officers). The best colleges will be looking for scores of 4s, while some may even require 5s for you to receive college credit.

It is best to check out the websites of colleges you would like to attend and research their specific requirements. You can also check out College Board's AP Credit Policy Search. This tool allows you to find colleges that offer credit or placement for AP scores. It's a comprehensive database where students can look up AP credit policies of various colleges and universities.

The Ultimate Advanced Placement Learning Tool

When getting into the best college is your goal you need to be a smart learner and manage your time effectively. Brainscape does just that and here is how it works...

Brainscape uses spaced repetition as part of its unique Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR) system.  Spaced repetition -- a method developed by learning scientists -- has long been proven as the most effective way to learn and retain information.

Spaced repetition is a method whereby a concept is repeated and studied over and over again with spaces in between. The concept is based on recurrent exposure to learning a skill or fact. In addition to recurrent exposure, spacing is important to retain the information for easy recall.

With CBR, however, not only do you see a flashcard that allows you to memorize that fact, but you are asked to rate your confidence as to how well you knew the answer, with a score from 1-5. Based on your confidence rating, Brainscape's’ study algorithm determines how soon to show you the card again, with low-confidence items being repeated more frequently until you have reported a higher rating. When you record a higher confidence rating, the algorithm will reduce the frequency that the flashcard is shown.

For example, imagine you were learning AP Biology and you were asked to define an isomer. If you didn't know what an isomer was you might rate yourself a “1”. That would have the effect of the flashcard being repeated soon -- in perhaps the next five or ten flashcards. Eventually, once you had learned the definition as a result of the flashcard being repeated, you would rate your confidence with a higher score and the flashcard would be repeated less frequently.

For the subject matter that you are super confident with you simply score a “5” so that you don't waste your time going over things you already know well. You are essentially optimizing your personal learning stream.

You can use the Brainscape website at home but you can also use the Brainscape app on your iOS or Android device and take advantage of learning for five minutes or so when you have a little time throughout the day. You can also use the software on Brainscape for free, to create your own flashcards to aid your own learning experience.

So check out these Brainscape AP exam flashcards today, and learn the smart way!