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Round ligament pain

The round ligament connects uterus to groin. As the baby grows, it stretches and can strain, causing normal pain


What can you teach to help with round ligament pain?

Flex your hips, exercise, avoid sudden movements, stretch hips, take medicine, apply warmth


4 phases of menstrual cycle

Menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal


What is the hormone of pregnancy?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)


Functions of amniotic fluid

-Maintains constant body temp
-Cushions fetus
-Symmetric growth
-Movement for muscle development


When does ovulation occur?

Day 14


Causes of amenorrhea

-Emotional stress
-Strenuous exercise
-Eating Disorder
-Drug abuse
-Endocrine disorder
-Problem in central hypothalamic-pituitary axis


What is the difference between primary and secondary amenorrhea?

Primary is associated with ovulation and does not have underlying pathology. Secondary develops later in life and is associated with a pelvic patho


S/S of menopause

Hot flashes, night sweats, painful intercourse bc dry vag, anxiety/irritability


Risk factors for osteoporosis

-Increase in age
-Postmenopause without hormone replacement
-Small frame, thin bones
-Caucasian or asian
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Family hx
-Sedentary life
-Less calcium and vit D
-Eating disorder


Mammary duct ectasia

-Inflammation of ducts behind nipple. Discharge is thick, sticky, white, brown, green , or purple. Burning pain and itching or a palpable mass behind nipple


Intraductal papilloma

-Rare and benign condition developing within the terminal nipple ducts, unknown cause, lesion too small to be palpated


Causes for male and female infertility

Male: hormone disorder, testicle factors, sperm transport

Female: ovarian, tubal/peritoneal, uterine, vaginal/cervical


Treatments for infertility

Nonmed: life change, nutrition, alcohol and drug cessation, weight
Meds: Clomid, FSH, hCG, GnRH, progesterone
Surgical: removal of ovary tumor, hysterosalpingopraphy, fallopian tube repair


Fertility awareness methods

Natural family planning, calendar rhythm method, standard days method, basal drop of body temp, cervical mucus ovulation detection method (mucus thin/stretchy)


Cervical cap

-Must be fitted
-Angle of uterus, vag muscle tone, and shape of cervix is important for proper fit


Transdermal contraceptive

Applied to lower abdomen, upper outer arm, buttocks, upper torso, not breasts, must be 198 pounds or less


Contraceptive ring

A ring inserted into vagina to release hormones for three weeks, then taken out for a week


Intrauterine device

"T-shaped" devices made of flexible plastic. A health care provider inserts an IUD into a woman's uterus to prevent pregnancy.


Reactive Nonstress Test

Indicates that blood flow and oxygen to the fetus is adequate


Should fundal height equal weeks gestation?

Yes, in centimeters


Why are pregnant pts at risk for DVTs?

-Inactivity or injury to veins after delivery
-Changes in hormones and blood
-Decreased blood flow, fetus pushes on veins



Reliable predictor of fetal well-being, maybe considered a physical exam of fetus, including determination of vitals, used frequently in late 2nd and 3rd trimesters


Components of a BPP

Fetal breathing movements, fetal tone, fetal HR pattern by means of a nonstress test, amniotic fluid index


When is an amniocentesis performed and why?

After 14 weeks of pregnancy, to obtain amniotic fluid with contains fetal cells to assess pulmonary maturity or diagnose a fetal hemolytic dz


When is a CVS performed and why?

Between 10 and 13 weeks, removes tissues form fetal portion of placenta to reflect genetic makeup of fetus


When is a PUBS performed and why?

2nd and 3rd trimester, used for fetal blood sampling and transfusion to diagnose inherited blood disorder, infection, assess and treat isoimmunization and thrombocytopenia in fetus, karyotyping of malformed fetus


What pts need a nonstress test?

Diabetes, HTN, IUGR, multiple gestation, oligohydramnios, renal dz, decreased fetal movement, previous fetal death, postterm pregnancy, lupus


In what pts is a contraction stress test contraindicated?

Preterm labor, placenta previa, reduced cervical competence, multiple gestation, previous classical C-Section


Mammary duct ectasia usually occurs in who?

Perimenopausal women