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name the articular surfaces of the elbow joint

- trochlea of humerus with trochlea notch of ulna
- capitulum of humerus with head of radius


which ligaments strengthen the capsule of the elbow joint, what are their attachments

1. radial collateral ligament: extends from lateral humerus epicondyle to lateral proximal surface of ulna (blends with anular ligament)

2. ulnar collateral ligament: extends from medial humeral epicondyle to coronoid process and olecranon of ulna


name 3 clinically important bursae of the elbow

1. subcutaneous olecranon bursa - between olecranon and overlying subcutaneous connective tissue

2. subtendinous olecranon bursa - between olecranon and triceps brachii tendon

3. intratendinous olecranon bursa - within triceps brachii tendon


describe the arterial supply of the elbow

cubital anastamosis - includes branches from brachial artery and profunda brachii


which muscles enable elbow flexion

1. brachialis
2. biceps brachii
3. brachioradialis


which muscles enable elbow extension

triceps brachii (+anconeus)


which structures limit flexion at the elbow

1. muscles: triceps brachii
2. posterior joint capsule
3. soft tissue apposition between anterior arm and forearm
4. bony apposition between head of radius and radial fossa of humerus


which structures limit extension at the elbow

1. flexor muscles of elbow
2. anterior joint capsule
3. bony apposition between olecranon of ulna and olecranon fossa of humerus


which joint is also enclosed in the elbow capsule

proximal radio-ulnar joint: head of radius and radial notch of ulna


what type of joint is the proximal radio-ulnar joint



how is the radial head held in place on ulna

anular ligament of radius


which movements does the proximal radio-ulnar joint allow: and which muscles mediate this

- supination: biceps brachii and supinator
- pronation: pronator teres and pronator quadratus