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name the borders of the femoral triangle

- superior = inguinal ligament (from ASIS to pubis tubercle)
- medial = medial border of adductor longus
- lateral = medial border of sartorius
- floor = iliopsoas, pectineus and adductor longus
- roof = fascia lata


describe the contents of the femoral triangle

from lateral to medial (NAVEL):
- femoral Nerve
- femoral Artery
- femoral Vein
- Empty space
- Lymph vessels and deep nodes (enclosed in femoral canal)

Artery, vein and canal are enclosed within fascial compartment - the femoral sheath.


what is a femoral hernia

protrusion of small intestine through the femoral ring into the femoral canal. hernial sac compresses the contents of the canal and may enlarge by passing through saphenous opening


where can the femoral pulse be palpated

just inferior to mid-inguinal point


what is the difference between mid-inguinal point and mid-point of inguinal ligament

- mid-inguinal point = 1/2 way between ASIS and pubic symphysis
- mid-point of inguinal ligament = 1/2 way between ASIS and pubic tubercle