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Describe the borders of the anatomical snuffbox.

- Ulnar (medial) border: extensor pollicis longus tendon
- Radial (lateral) border: extensor pollicis brevis and adductor pollicis longus tendons
- Proximal border: styloid process of radius

- Floor: scaphoid and trapezium
- Roof: skin


Describe the contents of the anatomical snuffbox.

1. radial artery: obliquely crosses floor of snuffbox, deep to extensor tendons.

2. superficial branch of radial nerve: terminal branches run subcutaneously across roof of snuffbox

3. cephalic vein: runs subcutaneously, having just arisen from dorsal venous network of hand


What does the superficial branch of the radial nerve go on to innervate?

skin of radial 3 1/2 digits (minus tips) and associated dorsal hand


What is localised pain in the anatomical snuffbox a possible symptom of?

scaphoid fracture


Why should 2 x-rays be performed in suspected scaphoid fractures?

initial x-ray may not reveal fracture but further x-ray should be performed 10 days later as fracture line may be revealed due to bone resorption


Why do scaphoid fractures need to be quickly reduced?

risk of avascular necrosis of proximal scaphoid fragment - can lead to later wrist OA


Why is the proximal scaphoid fragment at risk of avascular necrosis?

lateral and distal branches of radial artery provide abundant supply to middle and distal scaphoid but neglect proximal portion which relies on retrograde flow