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what are the functions of the anterior and posterior spinal cord

anterior cord: sensory and motor functions (light touch, pinprick and pain)

posterior cord: vibration and proprioception (joint position sense)


what are the functions of central and lateral spinal cord tracts

more central tracts move arms, more lateral tracts move legs


what are the symptoms of anterior cord syndrome

- loss of motor and sensory function below neural level
- retained proprioception and vibration sensation even below lesion


what are the symptoms of posterior cord syndrome

- loss of proprioception and vibration sensation below neural level - ataxia and loss of coordination
- retained motor and sensory function


what are the symptoms of central cord syndrome

arm problems more than legs - inverted paraplegia


what is a neural level

last functional level below a lesion of spinal cord


which nerve roots will be affected by disc prolapse in cervical and lumbar spine

cervical spine: paracentral and far lateral discs affects same roots, e.g. C6/C7 discs affect C7 n., C7/T1 discs affect C8 n.

lumbar spine: paracentral disc affects next exiting nerve root, far lateral disc affects exiting nerve root, e.g. L4/5 PC disc affects L5 n., L4/5 FL disc affects L4