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What are the three fundamental statements of cell theory?

-All living things are made of cells
-Cells are the most basic unit of organization of living things
-All cells come from other cells


What is the magnification formula?



How do bacteria reproduce?

Binary fission, a form of asexual reproduction. Single circular chromosome replicates -> each move to opposite sides -> cell divides, forming two daughter cells


What are the seven functions of life?

Nutrition, metabolism, growth, reproduction, response, excretion, homeostasis.


What are the advantages of maximizing the surface area to volume ratio?

Easier to absorb materials, excrete waste. Prevents overheating due to metabolism as heat spread over SA.


How can a cell increase its surface area to volume ratio?

-Cell division.
-Cell compartmentalization i.e. membrane-bound organelles to carry out metabolic processes.


Explain "multicellular organisms show emergent properties."

They show property of cellular differentiation compared to single-cell organisms, allowing specialization of cells.


How does cell differentiation occur?

Specialized cells only express certain genes which aid in their purpose.


What is a stem cell?

Cell that gives rise to cells that differentiate further into one or more specialized types.


What are two therapeutic uses of stem cells?

Treatment of Stargardt's disease and Leukemia.


What is Stargardt's disease? How are stem cells used to treat Stargardt's it?

-Malfunction in membrane protein used for active transport in retina cells -> worsening vision
-Stem cells injected into eyes -> accepted into eyes -> attach to retina