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what were the nomadic people who took over mycenaean civilization in greece called?



how did the barbarians live?

they wandered around, didn't read or write, spent their time fighting


what did the mycenaeans have that made them such strong fighters?

bronze weapons and chariots


what kind of weapons did the barbarians use to defeat the mycenaeans in greece?

iron weapons that were stronger than bronze weapons


when the greek mycenaeans and barbarians fought, which side won?

the barbarians


why do we call this time the "dark ages" of greece?

because the barbarians didn't leave any written records about the time they lived in greece


tell me about the greek dark ages

the mycenaean greeks were strong, but the barbarians, with their iron weapons, were even stronger. the barbarians took over greece. since they couldn't read or write, they didn't leave any records about this time, so we call it the "greek dark ages."