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why did the independent greek cities of athens and sparta decide to become allies?

they were both afraid of the growing persian empire, and expected to be invaded soon


what did the greeks do to the persian messenger who told them they must submit to the persian king or be conquered?

they killed the messenger by throwing him down a well


what did persia king do when the greek cities refused to submit to his empire?

he attacked greece


where did the first major battle of the persian war occur?

marathon (a city in greece, near athens)


who won the battle of marathon?



what happened to the greek messenger who ran from marathon to athens to deliver the news that the athenians had beaten back the persians?

he died of exhaustion


how far is athens from marathon?

a little over 26 miles...the length of the long-distance race we now call the "marathon"


what was the last battle between the greeks and the persians?

the battle of salamis


who won the battle of salamis, and what did it mean for greece?

greece won the battle of salamis, and so remained independent of the persian empire


tell me about the persian war

athens and sparta were the most important and powerful cities in ancient greece, but they were rivals. when the persian empire threatened to conquer greece, however, they became allies and fought together. the main battles of the persian war were at marathon and salamis. the greeks won both battles, and remained independent of the persian empire.