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what hero is the odyssey named after?



why did poseidon get angry at odysseus and his men?

they forgot to thank him for their victory over troy


what was the one-eyed monster called?



how did the greeks know the stories of odysseus and troy, in the days when they couldn't read or write?

they told them to their children and grandchildren


who first wrote down these stories?

the greek poet homer


how did odysseus get revenge on the cyclops?

he blinded him by putting his eye out


how did odysseus and his men get out of the cyclops' cave?

they held on to the cyclops' sheep when he let them out in the morning


why did odysseus tell the cyclops that his name was "noman"?

so that anyone who came to rescue the cyclops would think that no man was hurting him


after odysseus made fun of the cyclops, what did the cyclops do?

he asked poseidon to keep odysseus from reaching home


why do you think odysseus made fun of the cyclops? why didn't he just sail quietly away?

pride, foolishness, etc.

would it have been better if odysseus had simply left?


tell me about the story of odysseus

odysseus and his men were headed home after winning the trojan war. they landed on an island where a one-eyed monster called the cyclops lived. the monster ate two of odysseus' men. odysseus tricked the monster into going to sleep, then put his eye out. they sneaked out of the cave, but then mocked the cyclops. so the cyclops cursed odysseus before he left