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what does embalming do?

it preserves a dead body


what did ancient egyptian priests do to make a mummy?

they removed the organs, preserved the body with salt and spices, wrapped it in linen and put it in a coffin


why did ancient egyptians think it was important to preserve dead bodies?

so that dead people could live on in the next world


what did the ancient egyptians bury with their mummies?

everything they thought they would need in the next life": food, clothes, games, jewelry, furniture, etc.


what was this time in egyptian history called?

the old kingdom


what do "bc" and "bce" mean?

"before christ" and "before the common era"


what do "ad" and "ce" mean?

"anno domini" (latin for "the year of our lord") and "common era"


tell me about making mummies

egyptians during the old kingdom believed that people needed their bodies to go to heaven after they died, so they preserved dead people as mummies