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role of Hitler Youth?

played central role in social and cultural life


By controlling minds of youth, Nazis believed?

they would control the future.


Hitler Youth: what was Hitler's famous dictum?

was ‘give me their minds until they are 13 and you will have a Nazi for life’


Hitler Youth: role of Hitler Jugend?

organised camps solely for the indoctrination of young boys to become soldiers for the Fatherland and girls to bear Aryan children


Hitler Youth: what was taught?

toughness and self-discipline and loyalty and obedience to superiors


Hitler Youth: emphasis on?

good health and fitness


Hitler Youth: German Youth Org. prevailed all over Germany, and dictated ?

what subjects young people studied at school and in universities, such as ‘German Physics’ and ‘Aryan History’ (courses rewritten to reflect philosophy of Nazi state)


Hitler Youth: poster for Hitler Youth source

"Youth serves the Fuhrer. All ten-year-old boys into the Hitler Youth"


Hitler Youth: Michael Burleigh quote on changes of children

“in sum, children appeared to have become more brutal, fitter and stupider than they (their parents) were”


Resistance in Youth: why resist?

Nazi officials worried at elements of resistance and non-conformity in behaviour of thousands of young ppl who had grown tired of regimentation and demands of youth movement


Women: negative impact of Nazi?

liberated during Weimer Republic, now lived under Nazi regime that wanted to end these freedoms and return women to kitchen


Women: German women were relegated to ?

producing racially pure and healthy children for the Fatherland


Women: how were mothers rewarded?

Hitler awarded medals to women who had the greatest number of babies. Mother’s Day was celebrated on Hitler’s birthday


Women: what was made to help increase birth rate?

Laws made and financial incentives provided to help increase birth rate such as tax relief and reduction in mortgage payments


Women: 1939 what was outlawed?

abortion outlawed, not for Jewish women though


Women: Many women forced to bear children of? why?

SS officers to populate the ‘master race’


Women: however, what do historians question?

how successful the policies to promote birth rate were


Women: why do historians question it?

During 1930s, no. of marriages increased but no. of children per family did not. Average family in 1930s remained a 'two-child' family despite attempts by gov


Women: what slogan was philosophy by which German women were ordered to live?

Kinder, Kuche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church)


Women: what happened to most female workers?

dismissed from their jobs


Women: Richard Overy?

“…the new woman idealised in a hundred propaganda posters, a contented and competent helpmate for her man, but above all, a model of heroic fecundity”


Religion: what happened 1933?

Nazis signed an agreement (Concordat) with Catholic Church


Religion: What did Concordat mean?

agreed that Nazi Party would not interfere with Church and the Church should stay out of politics.


Religion: did Hitler keep his words?

Hitler did not keep his word, and many catholic priests were arrested, schools closed and monasteries shut


Religion: what did nazi party attempt to rally?

rally all protestants under banner of Evangelical Reich Church


Religion: what did Hitler attempt to do?

to rewrite history of Bible and remove all trace of Jewish links


Religion: how did They go further with invasion of religion?

Went further by making ‘Twenty Five Points of the German Religion’


Religion: what ideas present in ‘Twenty Five Points of the German Religion’ ?

Swastika was now the symbol of German Christianity
Hitler was new Messiah whose purpose is to save world from power of Jews


Religion: what was Goebbels successful in?

lessening power and influence of church in Germany


Religion: what did Goebbels control?

controlled the media with a vast network of propaganda that infiltrated every aspect of media, education and daily life in Germany