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ultimate aim of foreign policy?

aims of Nazi foreign policy to 1939 centred on destruction of TOV (reparation, military equality, recovery of territory).
territorial expansion and German racial purity


What was Hitler main aims?

aimed to restore honour of Germany in the international world and destroy legacy of Weimer Republic


political aim?

build alliances with Mussolini’s dictatorship in Italy


what did Hitler also desire?

o Gaining natural resources to allow production of rearmaments
o Creation of living space in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union (Lebensraeum)
o Reclaiming all lost territory under TOV and uniting German-speaking people as part of Third Reich
o Uniting Austria and Germany (Anschluss)
o Remilitirisation of Rhineland


what happened Oct 1933?

pulled out from both Disarmament Conference and the League of Nations


what did leaving of LON mean?

Gave more freedom of action and enabled Hitler to start rearm on basis of seeking equality


Jan 1934?

Germany and Poland signed Ten Year Non-Aggression Pact = Nazi dishonesty


march 1935?

Announced German army exceeded limit by 100 000, reintroduced conscription


response to german announcement of rearmament?

no action taken but Britain, France and Italy met at Stresa to form Stresa Front to keep check on future German behaviour as fear of future actions



demilitarised region of Rhineland


acts of war for foreign policy?

invaded Abyssinia, Spanish Civil War, Czech Crisis


what was granted At the Munich Conference in 1938?

Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia



o Germany invaded Czech
o Germany and Soviet Union signed non-aggression pact


3 Sept 1939?

Britain and France declared war on Germany


what does Ian Kershaw say?

shows that by mid-1939, Hitler convinced himself of his genius. His confidence affected his foreign policy ambitions. He felt he had been denied the war he wanted due to Munich Conference, and would not be denied his war over Poland


Alan Bullock?

Hitler willing to make nonsense of his previous foreign policy actions if situation demanded and opportunity present itself.