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What are regulatory proteins that are similar to the ounces that are activated early in embryogenesis, that are expressed when adult cells go backwards.

Oct3/4, Sox2, Myc, KIF4


Human ES cells express genes founds in pluripotent cells. These genes are controlled by what transcription factors?

1. Nanog
2. Oct4
3. Sox2
4. FoxD3


Where are crypto and GDF-3 found and waht is their function?

1. Growth factors
2. Pluripotent cells


What is somatic cell nuclear transfer?

Produces custom cells for a patient using cloning methods with embryonic stem cell technology


What is the procedure for somatic cell nuclear transfer?

1.remove egg cell nucleus.
2. Combine egg cell any non-germ cell. Allow fusion
3. Start cell division
4.extract the inner cell mass, and culture the pluripotent stem cells.


What happens if cloning was inhibited at the transfer of the somatic cell fusing with the egg cell?

Prevents therapeutic application


What happens if somatic cell nuclear transfer is inhibited at the blastocyst stage?

1. Prevents implantation of the product of SCNT, reduces cloning ability.
2. Still able to use for therapeutic treatment


How could SCNT be used to treat DM type 1?

The pluripotent stem cells produced will be specific to the patient. They will then differentiate into specific cell lines, which could replace the damaged beta cells in the pancreas


What type of cells does SCNT produce?



What does the production of induced pluripotent stem cells not require?

Formation of blastocyst is not required.


What is somatic cell nuclear transfer?

The nucleus of a somatic cell from a patient is injected sterilly into an oocyte of a donor, and induce embryogenesis