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The jist of diabetes

Pregnant women can get gestational diabetes, 3rd trimester - 50% chance of > T2 after birth, give drugs  (metformin / insulin) only if poor glycaemic control

Untreated T1 diabetes in a prego mother is terrible for kiddo - birth defects, macrosomia

Pregnancy must be planned so glycaemic control is in place BEFORE conception

Intensely support mother after birth to reduce risk of progression to T2


Jist of thyroid disease:

Hypothyroidism causes heavy periods, hyperthyroidism causes light periods

Thyroxine demand of mother increases during pregnancy > hypothyroidism > so increase their medication if they're already on thyroxine

Untreated hypothyroidism and thyrotoxicosis will result in birth defects

Give anti-thyroid drugs as late and in as low a dose as possible


Jist of thyroiditis:

Post-birth women may develop post-partum thyroiditis, producing hyperthyroid at 6 weeks, then hypothyroid (so make sure they're off carbimazole at this point and get them on thyroxine if symptomatic, then slowly withdraw)

Small goitre


hPL and progesterone produce insulin resistance in pregnant mothers - physiological because glucose isn't stored and instead goes to baby

but if you're already insulin resistant you'll get gestational diabetes


folic acid in all pregnant mothers!!!


hyperglycaemia in mother during pregancy means baby is producing loads of insulin

upon birth they still will be --> hypoglycaemia, fitting