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What are the 3 divisions of the trigeminal nerve?

V1: Opthalmic
V2: Maxillary
V3: Mandibular


What are the nuclei of the trigeminal nerve?

Trigeminal motor nuclei
Mesencephalic nucleus
Principal sensory nucleus
Spinal trigeminal nucleus


Where do the 3 divisions meet?

Trigeminal/semilunar ganglion which is located in between 2 layers of the dura (Meckels cave) in the medial part of the middle cranial fossa just lateral to the cavernous tissue


What are the cranial exits of teh 3 divisions?

V1: superior orbital fissure
V2: foramen rotundum - pterygopalatine fossa
V3: Foramen ovale


what are the major branches of V1?

Frontal: sensory to forehead and eyelid
Lacrimal: lacrimal gland and lateral eyelid
Nasociliary: cornea and eye, nasal cavity, skin on external nose


What is the passage of sympathetic innervation to the anterior face?

The sympathetic fibres join the long ciliary nerve in tenons capture of the cavernous sinus which are then carried forwards to the anterior eye and enter the eye et the level of the ciliary body


Which branch of V1 receives parasympathetic information from VII?



What does the maxillary (V2) division carry with it and what does it do?

postganglionic, parasympathetic nerves from the pterygopalatine ganglion (VII) and distributes these to the lacrimal nerve and the nasal cavity


Where do the sympathetics and parasympathetics synapse?

Symp: superior cervical ganglion
Para: pterygopalatine fossa


What does the mandibular division supply?

Sensory: lower teeth, anterior 2/3 tongue (also taste fibres)
Motor: muscles of mastication, tensor tympani


What is an important branch of the mandibular division?

Meningeal nerve - first branch after foramen ovale, goes back into the cranium and supplies the meninges


Where does the trigeminal nerve attach to the brainstem?

Mid-lateral pons


What is the trigeminal motor nucleus?

Contains the cell bodies of the muscles of mastication (bilateral input) and mediates the jaw jerk


What is the mesencephalic nucleus and what is it the only example of and where does it send projections to?

proprioceptive nucleus only example of where cell bodies of sensory fibres are located in the brain - sends projections to the trigeminal motor nucleus

Receives information from jaw muscles and mechanoreceptors


What is the principle sensory nucleus and where is it located?

Relays information about discriminitive touch and proprioceptive sensations (homologue of dorsal column)
Located in the mid pons at the level of the nerve, lateral to motor


What is the spinal trigeminal nucleus and where does extend to-from

Processes information about pain and temperature from V1, 2, 3 and will blend into the dorsal horn of the spinal cord with the lower tract blending into Lissauer's tract
Extends from mid-pons to C3 of spinal cord


What are the 3 parts of the spinal trigeminal nucleus?

Oralis (med-pontin junction), interpolaris (open medulla) and caudalis (closed medulla)


Which fibres join the spinothalamic pathway?

The spinal trigeminal pathway


Which nucleus is the equivalent to the DC tract?

Spinal trigeminal nucleus


Pain from which nerves map to trigeminal and where will it synapse?

C2, 3 dermatomes and myotomes, CN VII IX and X and branches of V
Will all synapse in the spinal trigeminal nucleus and map to VPM and S1