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The aponeurosis of three muscles make up the rectus sheath, what are these?

External and Internal Oblique and transverse abdominal muscles


What is located between the external and internal abdominal oblique muscles and extends between a deep and superficial ring? What are the rings called?

The inguinal canal; the deep and superficial inguinal rings


What passes through the inguinal canal and through the superficial inguinal ring?

Genitofemoral n. Vaginal process external pudendal a. cremaster m. Spermatic cord


What are the borders of the paralumbar fossa in cattle?

Base: lumbar transverse processes Cranioventral:last rib Caudoventral: ridge formed by internal abdominal oblique m.


Which muscle in the abdominal wall has fibers that extend in a caudoventral orientation?

External abdominal oblique m.


The aponeurosis of the external abdominal oblique m. has a pelvic and abdominal tendon on the caudal border. The caudal border of the pelvic tendon contains the _________ ligament.

inguinal ligament


In which direction to the muscle fibers of the internal abdominal oblique m. travel?



Which abdominal muscle is the deepest and has muscle fibers that extent in a transverse fashion from points of insertion?

Transversus abdominus


Which muscle flexes the vertebral column and extends from the prepubic tendon to the sternum?

Rectus abdominis m.


In the most cranial part of abdomen, what muscle aponeurosis creates the walls of the rectus sheath?

Internal abdominal oblique


Which region of the abdomen contains three layers of aponeurosis lying superficially to the rectus abdominis m.?

The pubic region


Which side of the paralumbar fossa is used to access the cecum in a horse?



The left side of the paralumbar fossa in the ox is used to access what organ?



What tunic is present in the equine and ox, but not in the canine or feline?

Tunica flava abdominis


In the equine, what is the purpose of the prepubic tendon? Which structure also helps with this purpose?

It supports the weight of the abdominal viscera; the tunica flava abdominis