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Callahan: ms woods, could I have a word?

Of course.
I'll catch up with you in a second (to emmett)
And thank you, professor Callahan, for what you said before. It meant a lot.


Callahan: you deserved it. But don't tell the other law students I said so. I have a scary reputation to uphold.

Don't worry: your secrets safe with me
But I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I've learned so much...


Callahan kisses elle*
Elle slaps*
Callahan: I thought you were smarter than that...

Is this the only reason you gave me an internship?


Mid song;

Callahan hit on me.
E: he what?
He kissed me. He fired me. He made it very clear I don't belong.
E: he's wrong. We'll fix it. We'll fight it...
Emmett, please... There's no reason for me to stay.


Paulette: duty calls. All that AND he has a job.
C'mon rufus. It's time for your manicure.

Paulette, I just came to say goodbye??


Paulette: what? Goodbye??

I'm going back home to California-


Paulette: California? Why?

I'm going back to where I make sense.


Paulette: you're not making any right now. Honey, what happened?

All this time I thought I was proving myself and making a difference... But it turns out I'm just one big blonde joke. That's all anyone's ever gonna see.


Elle pushes offer away*

Sorry, Vivienne, you keep it. I'm never wearing that again.


Paulette: um, honey? Your in the supply closet.

I know! I said I'm never wearing that again. I'm wearing this.