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Paulette: .... I'm sorta like Allstate, but for hair.

Make me a brunette.


Paulett: what? Brunette? Honey,
You're a genetic lotto win! Alright something else is goin on here. Back up. Paulettes listenin. Spill.

Okay. I'm Elle woods, and I came all the way out for Harvard law school-


Paulette: that's a good school.

I know right? And I did it to follow my one true love Warner out here and now he's .... (Gagging)
Dating this evil preppie.


Paulette: So what's she got that you don't got? Three tits?

She's (air quotes) "serious"


Paulette: seriously, she have three tits?

No, she's a constipated polo shirt with a mousy brown bib. Apparently that's what Warner wants. So you have to make me a brunette.


Paulette: see it's our annual glamour shot. We're little sailors.

Beyond adorable. And no woman should be denied her dog.


Whitney: .... Now that's a party.

There's a party?
Oh. Hello, Vivienne.


Viv: definitely come. It's a costume party.

I love costume parties.


Viv: of course you do... Next Friday at 8.... See you there

Thanks, Vivienne.


Paulette: ..... cause if a girl like you can't win back your man, there's no hope for the rest of us.

Thankyou for talking me off the ledge Paulette! You have no idea how much I needed this!