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Enid; But now I'm on the legal track,

I love your top! It's so fatigue chic. So how psyched are you guys? Snaps, our first day at Harvard law.

Hi. I'm Elle woods and this is bruiser woods.



Oh my god, we both have names that start with an E!


Emmett; We're just going around the circle... Tell us something about yourself.

Me? Okay. So I'm a Gemini with a double Capricorn moon and I have a bachelors degree from UCLA where I was Sig Ep Sweetheart, president of Delta any Sorority and founded the charity shop for a Cause. I


Emmett: Huh.

Oh! And just last week at Fred Segal, I talked Beyoncé out of buying a truly heinous cable-knit tube top. Whoever said tangerine is the new pink is seriously disturbed.


Emmett: I did not know that.

Anyone know where I can find criminal law 101 with professor Callahan ? And Warner Huntington III


Emmett; over there, second building on the left



Emmett: but I don't think dogs are exactly allowed in class.

Oh, bruiser's not a dog. Bruiser's family. I'll drop him off at my room. He'd be happier there anyway. Bruiser loves glee. I'll see you later then.


Warner; Elle?

Hmm? Oh.. Migod, Warner! That's so weird, I totally forgot you go here!


Warner: what are you doing here?

I go here


Warner: You got into Harvard?

What? Like it's hard?


Emmett: woods, comma, Elle...

Is this my social agenda?


Emmett: no, your academic roster

Right. There's that.
(To Warner)
Let's totally catch up after class.


Viv: all that pink you're wearing. Is that even legal?

Pinks my signature colour