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Opens with the etched casting S spell -‘double double toil and trouble’ - what does it mean?

Reminds audiences of their evil intent
Use of double hints at double meanings


They announce McBs arrival ‘something wicked this way comes-what does this show about McB?

How much he had changed from being a brave hero


M says ‘ though the yeasty waves/confound and swallow navigation up’ - what technique does S use?

Extends the metaphor that M is a sailor and Scotland is a ship


The witches summon the 3 apparitions to predict his future-what do they predict?

Threats to M
Armoured head warns M re Macduff. Possible symbol of Ms decapitation/war/battle
Bloody child-reps Macduff born by Caesarean section
Child wearing crown/carrying a branch -he can’t be beaten until Birman Wood moves to Dunisane Hill. Child cd rep Malcolm and the beach Scotland might grow and flourish under Malcolm


How does McB feel after seeing the apparitions?

Thinks he is untouchable


M doesn’t discuss the murders if Macduffs family with Lady M - what does this show?

He is driven by ambition and doesn’t trust anyone


Lady M says ‘ to do harm/is often laudable, to do dangerous folly’ -what does this mean?

Morals if Scotland have been turned upside down by McBs tyranny
People who comity murder are rewarded


Why is the murder of Macduff’s family important?

It motivates Macd luff to get revenge on M