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What are McBs good and bad qualities?

Strong warrior
Does have a conscience

Easily influenced by wife/witches


Why does S make Lady McB more ruthless than M?

To show that women can be just as ruthless and cold hearted as men


How does Lady M use the stereotype of women to her advantage?

She pretends to faint on hearing of Duncan’s murder
Image of a weak woman overcome by shock


Lady M says ‘ Out damn spot’ - what does this mean?

She keeps washing her hands-wash away feelings of guilt


Duncan is kind ‘his virtues will plead like angels’ - why does S make him fair and generous?

To lead the audience to question whether good leaders need to be violent warriors.


Who is ambitious in the play?

Macbeth’s are corrupted by their ambition
Malcolm and Macduff are ambitious for the good of Scotland
Banquo is ambitious for his sons once he hears the witches prophecy


How do the different characters show their loyalty?

Macduff is loyal to Scotland-he chooses to go to England to ask Malcolm to defend his country than stay with his family
The Thames are loyal to duncan as he was a great king
M gives D loyalty in Act 1 by fighting for him
Banquo is loyal to his sense of honour
Lady M fakes an appearyof loyalty ‘your servants ever’


Describe different styles of king ship in the play

Duncan is an ideal king as he inspires loyalty’ most sainted king’
M is a tyrant and rarely referred to as king so not accepted as a try king
People believed kings were appointed by God


Quote ‘ false face must hide what the false heart don’t know’- what does it mean?

It’s difficult for the characters to tell appearance and reality apart because so many people are not what they seem eg those who trust too easily like Duncan pay the price


Are McB actions fateor free will?

M believed in fate/prophecy ‘ chance may crown me without my stir’
Lady M thinks it is fate ‘ fate and metaphysical aid duty seem /to have the crowned withal’
M feels people have no control over their lives ‘ a poor player/that struts and frets his hour upon the stage’

M makes a choice initially not to kill D
He weighs up the options which suggests control
Lady M acts in the prophecy
Some of the prophecy are self fulfilling-M acts because he he hears his future so causes it to happen
He has free will


Why does S vary the length of the scenes?

To make the play more exciting
Shirt scenes speeds up action eg Act 5 is made up if9 short scene
Long scenes explore emotions and reveal true characters


What is personification?

A figure of speech that talks about a thing as a person eg ‘ the air /nimbly and sweetly recommends itself’


What is a similie?

Describing something by saying something else eg look like the innocent flower


How does S use health and disease to rep Scotland?

Images of disease and injury to show what Scotland is like under M rule
M asks the doctor to cure Scotland ‘ find her disease/and purge it to a sound and pristine health’
Macduff sees M reign as causin injury to Scotland -bleed, bleed poor country
Malcolm is described as the medicine that will cure Scotland when he becomes the rightful king