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B is murdered-what is the significance of the light/dark?

Sun is setting and dark is coming-symbolises the terror of McBs reign
B approaches with a torch-light is his goodness
When B is murdered, the light goes out - his goodness has been destroyed


When McB learns of Banquos death, he says he feels ‘ cabined, cribbed, confined’-what does this mean?

Alliteration shows how trapped he feels


Why is B’s ghost a dramatic device?

Symptom of McBs guilt and anxiety
Only M can see the ghost -real/guilty conscience?
Ghost says Bs name-suggests it is a guilt inspired hallucination


M says ‘ it will have blood they say-blood will have blood’ - what does this mean?

Repetitive use of blood shows his fear
He is starting to see his downfall
‘ I am in blood/stepped in so far’ he is having to keep murdering


In Lennox soliloquy-how are his true feelings shown?

His tone is sarcastic eg he says Duncan’s murderer ‘did grieve McB’ by he means the opposite
He uses rhetorical questions eg ‘ to kill their gracious father?’
Full if exclamations ‘but, peace!’ ‘Damned fact!’
Angry but afraid to show it


Give to our tables meat, sleep to our nights-what does this mean?

Lords are annoyed that Scotland is ruined
Not enough food
Everyone is paranoid that McB will be after them next
They have had enough of bodies turning up after feasts