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Act 2 - there aren’t any stars ‘their candles are all out’ -what does the darkness symbolise?

Symbolises evil.
The starless sky also echoes Duncan’s speech in act 1 scene 4 about stars shining on the deserving when M is undeserving.


M soliloquy he talks about witchcraft ‘Hecates offering’ and ‘a ghost’ - what does this show?

Links M to the witches
Shows he is affected by their predictions
He sees visions of a dagger-not clear if this is leading him to commit murder or warn him against it


The murder of D is offstage-how does this affect the audience?

Increases suspense
Makes audience imagine the killing/more horrific
Let’s the audience see what they are both like


What is foreshadowing?

Hinting at things that happen later


What is ironic foreshadowing?

Lady M doesn’t seem as bothered by her bloody hands - it’s an ironic foreshadowing of her frenzied handwashing in Act 5
She talks about M going mad and being ‘brain sickly’ and she goes mad later on


What is the significance of the porters monologue?

It relieves the tension but also builds suspense before ads body is found


When duncan’s body is discovered, McBs language changes-how?

He describes Duncan’s ‘silver skin laced with his golden blood’ -poetic language seems false


Scene 4 -why is it important?

It’s a bridge between act 2 and 3. - purpose to create a sense of fear and uncertainty


Strange events happen after Dubcans death -what are the bad omens for McB reign?

It’s dark during the day -‘dark night strangled the travelling lamp’ -evil over Scotland
A Falcon is killed savagely by a owl -symbols for D and McB
Horses have been eaten by each other which is unnatural


Why does S include Porter?

He makes ironic references to McBs dirt deeds and divided some comic relief


What does Banquos soliloquy in Act 3 show?

He’s suspicious of McB - ‘play’dst most foully’ for the crown
Thinks about the predictions
He’s willing to let fate take its course


What does McBs soliloquy show?

His attitude to murder has changed
Act 1 he was tormented and nearly cd not do it
He is deductive about killing Banquo and now killing is easy
He’s become a coward-he hires murdererd to kill B


What is an oxymoron?

2 words contradict each other eg doubtful joy/restless ecstasy


McB uses a lot of imagery in scene 2- what does this show?

Full of scorpions is in my mind/ the bat has flown

Unsettling tone/reminds audience of evil and emphases McBs paranoia and insecurity


How does McB change through the play?

At the beginning he was a fearless hero he can’t meet his enemy face to face and gets someone else to kill Banquo
Lady M convinced him to kill D but by this scene, he is the one telling her how to behave eg they must flatter B and make their faces ‘ vizards to our hearts’