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What is M about?

Ambition and betrayal
Power that is taken unfairly leads to guilt, madness and death



Macbeth-ambitious nobleman who murders the king of Scotland and takes his place
Lady M -wife and persuaded M to kill the king. She goes mad and kills herself
Duncan-king is Scotland who is murdered
Malcolm -Duncan’s son who flees and becomes king at the end of the play
Macduff-bible soldier who doesn’t trust an Beth and kills himself
Lady Macduff-wife and Macbeth murders her and her children
Bangui -brave soldier and nobleman. Macbeth’s friend but he has him killed
3 witches-evil supernatural beings who can tell the future


What are the 3 apparitions of the witches?

Warn Macbeth about Macduff
No one borne from a woman can harm him
He can’t be beaten until Birman Wood moves toDunistane Hill


What makes M a tragedy?

Serious topics like war and death
Main character dies as a result of his flaws
Supernatural elements
Lady M is evil


What is prose?

Normal sentences without any set rhythm


The play starts with thunder and lighting-what does this represent?

Dark and violent mood
Wild weather hints that unnatural events are occurring