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Lady M sleepwalks-why is this important?

Audience sees how she has changed
Driven Mad by guilt and fear
Evils deeds have consequences


She’s afraid if the dark-why is this ironic?

In Act 1 scene 5 she welcomes the darkness ‘ come think night’ but now she carries a candle and night reminds her of the evil she has done


Lady Ms language changes -how?

Changes from smooth and fluent blank verse to disjointed prose -shows her troubled mind
Her speech is uncertain
Uses questions showing her mental confusion


The doctor says ‘unnatural deeds/do breed unnatural troubles ‘ - what does it mean?

Lady M upset he natural balance by doing evil things


How does S use imagery in the scene where the Scottish lords are planning to attack M?

‘The sickly weal’ - Scotland is unwell
Malcolm is referred to as ‘the Medicine’ that will heal the country
Lennox describes Malcolm as the ‘sovereign flower’ and wants to ‘drown the weeds’ ie McB
Angus describes M as a ‘dwarfism their’ wearing a ‘giants robe’ -responsibility of being king is too much for M


How does S show is going mad?

He’s in dispair even though he thinks he is invincible
Over confident
Tells Seyton to help him put on his armour then tells him to pull it off


Lady M dues off stage-why is this important?

Shows how unimportant she has become


How does McBs behaviour change once he is told of Lady MCs death?

Realised his terrible acts had no purpose ‘signifying nothing’
Life is z ‘shadow’ and S ‘candle’- fleeting and unreal
Life is meaningless
Bitter -uses language such as petty, fools, idiot


‘Life’s but a walking shadow’ -what does this mean?

M realises he has been mislead by the witches.
Committed terrible crimes and lost his wife for nothing


When McB and Macduff meet, McB says’ my soul is much to charged/ with blood of thins already’ - what does this mean?

M feels guilty about killing Macduff’s family
He still has some humanity left


How are the witches prophecies self fulfilling?

M brought his own downfall by his own actions


M fights even though he knows he’s doomed-what does this show?

Return of a brave warrior like the beginning of the play


Explain how the ending links to the battle

Victory with Ms head cut off-play ends how it began
Circular structure