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How is PVA used and what properties does it have?

PVA (or polyvinyl acetate) is white and waterbased, setting when it is absorbed into the wood and all of the water has been absorbed. It is very strong but isn’t waterproof.


What is synthetic resin and how is it used?

It is a waterproof adhesive which needs to be mixed to a creamy consistency with water. Chemical hardening occurs, making it hard and brittle.


What is hot melt glue used for?

It is good for quick modelling, but isn’t suitable to use in a final product because it is hard to control.


What is epoxy resin and how is it used?

Epoxy resin will stick most clean, dry materials together and is versatile but expensive. Resin and hardener is mixed together equally and it sets chemically to be hard.


What is contact adhesive and how is it used?

It is used to glue plastic onto chipboard. Both surfaces are covered and left until touch-dry. They are then attached and stick together. However, the fumes are toxic so god ventilation is necessary.


What is latex adhesive and how is it used?

It is a cheap rubber adhesive that is very safe and can be used for gluing felt to a box. It smells a lot like fish, but it is completely safe.


How are abrasive papers made?

Small chips of the abrasive are glued onto a paper sheet.


What are the 3 materials used for abrasive papers?

Garnet, aluminium oxide and glass.


Why are the higher numbers of abrasive papers finer?

Because the abrasives are filtered through higher graded sieves to get smaller and smaller, and the finer ones then get glued to create higher number abrasive paper.


How should you use sandpaper on wood?

You should use a cork block and wrap glass paper around it, sanding along the grain until the wood is smooth and


What are the 4 reasons for applying finish to woods?

Protect from moisture
Protect from insects
Enhance the grain colour
Make it easy to wipe clean


What is sanding sealer / french polish and how is it used?

It is a solvent based liquid that seals the wood but raises the fibre, so they need to be sanded down. It’s suitable as a first layer before applying finish or varnish.


What is polyurethane and how is it used?

It is a tough, heatproof, waterproof finish available in various colours. 3 coats are applied with a brush and then the surface is rubbed with fine glass paper.


What is cellulose and what is it used for?

It is a hard, quick drying varnish used in wood turning.


What is wax polish and how is it used?

It is a polish applied with a cloth, by hand or using a buffing wheel. It fills the porous timber, building up a layer of polish. Beeswax and silicone polish are often used on wood.