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What responsibility do designers have when designing new products?

They have responsibility to make sure the product harms no person, no animal or no part of the planet.


What are 3 finite resources and what are they used for?

Coal - generating electricity, smelting metal ores
Oil - generating electricity, making plastics
Metal ores - raw materials made into metals


What 2 things can we do to preserve finite resources?

Recycling and reusing (or disassembling) products.


What is an ethical employer?

An employer who ensures that their workers receive fair wages and good working conditions.


What injuries can manufacturing careers give people? What are these known as?

Deafness and lung problems. These are industrial injuries.


What causes a moral dilemma?

If a product is hurting people or animals.


What is a carbon footprint and what can be put in place to reduce this?

A carbon footprint measure how much carbon is created by burning fossil fuels. This can be reduced with schemes such as carbon capture. Companies are expected to be carbon neutral in the future.


What are the 6 Rs and how can we apply them?

Rethink our attitude to environmental issues.
Reduce the amount of materials used.
Recycle materials that have already been used.
Reuse by designing products for disassembly.
Refuse unethical or wasteful designs.
Repair products rather than replacing them.


What is planned obsolescence?

Creating a product that can be thrown away as soon as it is used. Instead, products should be maintained.


What 2 things are new house and manufacture designs being mindful of?

Being carbon neutral and reducing impact on the environment.