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What is a jack plane used for?

To remove shavings to make sure wood is the right size for working.


What is a smoothing plane used for?

To finish the wood surface before abrasives like sandpaper are used.


What is a block plane used for?

Planing end grain.


What is a rasp and surform used for?

Cutting large amount of woods for carving and sculpting.


What is a shoulder plane used for?

Cleaning a rebate.


What is a spokeshave used for?

Curved surfaces.


What is a drill bit made of?

Carbon steel or HSS (High Speed Steel).


How do drill bits cut and remove waste material?

They are turned quickly in a clockwise direction by hand or by an electrically-powered machine.


What are the 3 positives of battery powered drills?

No training lead
Can use outside


What are the 2 negatives of using battery powered drills?

Has to be recharged
Has less reserve power


What are the 2 positives of using mains-operated drills?

Will go on forever
More powerful


What are the 4 negatives of using mains-operated drills?

Limited to supply area
Trip hazard
Unsafe in wet weather


What are forstner bits used for?

Creating clean, flat-bottomed holes in timber and plastic.


What are twist drills used for?

Drilling small holes in timber. They are unsuitable for larger holes because the hole has a ragged edge.


What are countersink bits used for?

Allowing countersunk screws to finish flush with the surface.


What are hole saws used for?

Cutting large diameter holes in thin materials.


What are pedestal drills also known as and are they the safest method of drilling?

Pillar drills. Yes, as long as the material can be lifted onto the drilling table and it is held in place with a vice or cramp.


Why do saws have triangular teeth and how many teeth should be on the surface at once?

Triangular teeth remove material on the forward stroke and are set to reduce friction. At least 3 teeth should be on the surface at once.


What quality does a rip saw have? What are they used for?

They have teeth that cut along the grain and are used for cutting large pieces of timber to width.


What quality does a cross-cut saw have? What are they used for?

They have knives that cut across the grain and are used for sawing large pieces of wood to length.


What is a tenon saw and what is it used for?

It is a saw with a brass back keeping it straight and adding to its weight. It is used for general bench work and joints.


What is a dovetail saw and what is it used for?

It is basically a smaller version of a tenon saw and it is used for sawing out small joints accurately.


What is a coping saw and what is it used for?

It is a saw that works on the backward stroke and has a blade that is held in tension and can be easily changed. It’s used for cutting curves.


What is a power saw?

A saw with a fast-moving blade that is used for timber and plastic.


What is a circular saw?

A power saw that rotates.


What is a band saw?

A power saw with one continuous blade.


What is a jigsaw?

A power saw that uses reciprocating motion. The material is pushed through the blade.


What is a scroll saw?

A power saw that uses reciprocating motion that is held in tension and moves through a table that can be angled.