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What is anthropometrics?

The study of human measurements.


How much of the population do designers aim to cater for?



What is an ergonome and how does it help designers?

An ergonome is a small, adjustable scale template that helps designers work using average human measurements.


What is ergonomics?

The study of the efficiency of people in a working environment.


How is ergonomics used?

It uses anthropometric data to deal with comfort and safety (among other things in the workplace), and answers questions such as ‘what colour would be best for this piece of safety equipment?’


What is the role of a client?

The commission a piece of work. They could represent a larger company or be an individual asking for a product.


What is the role of a designer?

The designer shows their ideas to the client to agree on, and solves any technical problems with the designed product.


What is the role of a manufacturer?

They take a design from a designer and make it a reality. Some manufacturers specialise in different areas, so more than one may need to be involved to create a product.


What is the role of a user?

A user is anyone who has access to or uses a product. A lot of products are for wider commercial use but some are for individuals.


How is user satisfaction determined?

User surveys are published to see if a product can be improved and how users would want it to be improved.