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What does the strength of a joint increase with?

Surface area and the use of glue.


What is a butt joint?

A simple but weak joint that can be mitred and is used for picture frames.


What is a halving joint?

A joint where half of the material is removed using a saw and chisel and can be strengthened with a dowel. It is used in constructing frames.


What is a dowel joint?

An easy-to-produce joint that used dowels aligned with holes to join wood. It’s used in frame and carcass pints like in chair legs and is cut using a jig for accuracy.


What is a lap joint?

A joint used in frame and carcass joints that is stronger than a butt joint because of a larger surface area and strengthened with nails.


What is a housing joint?

A joint with a simple slot cut in one piece of wood, made with an electrically powered router, which makes support for a shelf or more room for gluing.


What is a mortise and tenon joint?

A complicated joint that is strong and used in frame joints for chairs and tables. Commercially, the mortise is milled and the tenon is machined with a rounded edge.


What is a dovetail joint?

A complicated joint which is very strong and used for capered joints in boxes. It is difficult to cut by hand so there is a jig that can be used to help cut it.


What 4 things are nails or nail joints used for?

Holding joints whilst glue dries
The backs of cupboards
Decorative mouldings
General building and DIY


What is a biscuit joint?

An easy joint used to attach wood at right angles or side by side to make larger boards.