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If a fire is confirmed at a AFA what should your actions be?

Request the full pre determined attendance (PDA) for the premises address.


If the occupier does not reset the system, while brigade

A fire alarm tag must be left at the premises. TAG 4202


After advice to prevent reoccurrence to the responsible person, what information could we provide them with?

Provide a copy of the fire safety guidance note No.54.


The aim of this procedure is to help improve operational performance in the:

Response to an investigation of an AFA system actuating
The identification and reporting of fire safety management issues relating to an automatic fire alarm.


What hazards are associated with Fire alarm sounders to crews attending the incident?

Risk of hearing damage
Hazardous materials
Intruder smoke cloaking


Familiarisation with and consideration of the practical response to a failure of fixed installations such as?

Fire Alarm, fire lift, rising main, sprinkler, or ventilation system should be considered.


A leaking Plant refrigerant may appear as?

Fine mist or smoke and actuate the fire alarm system.
(Exposure to such substances can be extremely harmful and FF's require BA and GTSP)


Who should we request if a serious outstanding risk is identified?

SFSO Senior fire safety officer.


What should we not delay?

Information gathering waiting for the responsible person to attend the RVP.


The fire rescue services act 2004 permits FF's to:

enter premises or a place, by force if necessary, without the consent of the owner or occupier of the premises or place if the responsibly believe fire to have broken out or about to break out, for the purposes of extinguishing or preventing the fire or protecting life or property.


what is a reasonable time that should be spent investigating an AFA?

Minimum 20 minutes!


When in attendance at premises that are not occupied the IC is reliant on?

Information gained during and pre planning carried out under 7:2D visits
Information provided by Brigade control
The availability of a key holder
fire alarm control panels that may be visible from outside the building and
Any visible signs of smoke or fire.


Should ear protection be worn at a AFA

YES 5:1


What action must be taken if the alarm does not store alarm details?

The actuation details must be recorded before it can be reset.
The system should not be reset until the IC has confirmed through a physical inspection that a fire exists in the area of actuation.


A SFSO is to be requested to attend. Examples of possible circumstances that will create an unacceptable risk to occupants include;

• Missing or defective fire doors protecting a means of escape.
• The means of escape being restricted or unusable due to storage, obstruction or locking.
• Evidence of people sleeping in premises that are not appropriate, such as in the storeroom of a shop.
• Absence of or a defective fire alarm system at a non-domestic sleeping risk, such as a hotel