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How often are routine vehicle checks carried out?

• change of watch
• whenever there is a change of riders


What action should be taken if a vehicle needs to traverse soft uneven ground?

Crew members dismount and act as 'lookouts' observing the wheels for signs of sinking


In what circumstances should a driver attempt to negotiate a low structure or obstruction?

Under no circumstances unless there are crew members acting as lookouts


Who has overall responsibility for crew safety on an appliance?

Vehicle driver and oic


What act grants exemption to firefighters wearing seat belts while donning PPE?

The road traffic act 1982


When will the shutter warning system activate?

When the handbrake is realised and a shutter or door is open


How does the shutter warning system notify crew members?

An audible 'warning door ajar' and 2 lights above drivers head


What should be done if the shutter warning system has activated?

• The vehicle should be stopped
• handbrake applied
• physical check of all lockers and shutters by crew to confirm they are locked


If there is doubt to whether a vehicle can progress on soft or uneven ground what should be done?

The vehicle should return to the highway via the same route - reversing all the way if necessary


What should be done if a vehicle becomes bogged down?

• No attempts to free it
• contact brigade control and await recovery


Where can the vehicles dimensions be found?

• In the operators handbook
• on a plate in the driving area


In what instance does a seat belt malfunction become a code 1 defect?

• either seat belts of front cab
• if available rear seat belts drops to 2


What act states that employees should take reasonable care for their own safety and that of others?

Health and safety at work act 1974
Section 7