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FIUs will be ordered to the following incidents?

4 pump fire and above- one FIU
Persons reported- one FIU
Firefighter emergency
Fatalities at fires- Two FIU's
(Except rubbish, crops and field fires unless requested)
Explosions - Inform FIU
On request for an ambulance from an incident where a fire related injury has occurred to a member of the public - Inform FIU (MOP)


The FIO and the IC will agree on one of the following?

Immediate attendance
Deferred attendance
Data collection only


The IC MUST request an FIU attendance:

If the IC cannot determine the cause of the Primary fire
For any serious injury to MOP
If the IC is unable to determine the cause of the secondary fire, this must be discussed post incident with the FIT, This enables constructive guidance to be given to aid future accurate recording.


When can cause not known be recorded?

By agreement of FIO or if a FIO is conducting an investigation and has not entered a motive or cause in the IMS by the time the station has completed their record. (Pending FIT findings)


FIO may ask for on arrival?

Additional FIUs
Assistance/equipment from fire crews to excavate the fire scene
FIU reliefs for protracted incidents
Specialist appliances
The FIU to be released or returned


A RRF1 will provide police with initial information for their investigations at any fire which involves?

Serious, life changing injury
any deliberate or suspected deliberate nature


The carbon blue copy of the RRF1 is to be retained?

in the RRF1 folder at station once the efit section of the IMS is completed


A SFSO will be mobilised when a FIU unit is not available. A FIU will be redeployed as soon as practical to relieve the SFSO. They are as follows

Fatal fires
Potential rekindling's
Serious fire related to FF Injury
12 pump fire and above.


1.5 An IC does not need to request an FIU if there is evidence that

a fire is deliberate and assistance is not needed to determine the cause. The IC should request the attendance of the police for fire investigation and complete the report and recording form 1 (RRF 1).


2.1 On arrival, the FIO will report to the IC. The FIO will assess the level of FI resources and request them via the IC. The FIO may ask for:

• Additional FIUs.

• A brigade scientific adviser or other specialist adviser to attend.

• Assistance/equipment from fire crews to excavate the fire scene.

• A senior fire safety officer.

• FIU reliefs at protracted incidents.

• Specialist appliances as necessary.

• The FIU to be released or returned.


2.8 In the case of accidental fatal fires, FIOs will liaise with the Coroner’s officer and prepare a

detailed report for the Brigade. A copy will be submitted to HM Coroner’s and/or Criminal Courts as required. In the case of a brigade fatality, external liaison will be via a senior accident investigator.