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2.1 The HLU is a

16 tonnes vehicle which supports front line appliances by providing large capacity (90mm) hose lines over long distances to supply water to or from the fire ground.


2.2 Each HLU carries up to

4km of hose in two hose pods providing up to 2km of twinned hose or a single line of 4 km.
134 lengths
67 eachside


2:4 How many HLU's are in London?

Four HLUs are strategically placed within London and are alternately crewed with one HLU


3.2 Whenever a HLU is requested

a Bulk Media Advisor (BMA) will also be mobilised to provide advice and guidance to the IC regarding the provision of water and other resources available. Note that if the HLU is mobilised as part of a PDA then the BMA will not be mobilised and the IC will need to request their attendance if required.


How many traffic cones does the Hose Layer carry?

36, offside front locker....


• Minimum PPE for hose recovery

in hose pod is safety helmet, fire tunic, leggings fire boots and fire gloves. The fire tunic may be removed at the discretion of the IC depending on weather conditions and work activity.


4.1 The HLU driver will require the assistance of .

a minimum crew of four in laying the hose,
deploying equipment and turning on the hydrant. The IC must take this into consideration when calculating resources.


3.4 The HLU will come off the run?

if the Hytrans mechanical recovery system is defective or if the amount of hose available falls below 600m (i.e.20 lengths in total).


4.2 When requesting a HLU the IC should consider

whether the HLU and pump crew should proceed to a rendezvous point (RVP) to connect to a water supply or proceed to the incident ground.


4.3 If it is decided that HLU and pump crew are to proceed directly to an RVP

the IC must inform Control so that those resources can be ordered to proceed directly.


4.4 On arrival at such an RVP, HLU driver and pump crew must contact

control and book status 3 and request that this information is passed to the Command Unit (CU) or nominated Incident Command Pump (ICP) as appropriate


4.5 Once HLU and pump crew have completed the hose laying task

they must report directly to CU or ICP and “book in”.


4.10 Once hose is deployed safely the

IC will give the order for “water on”.


4.11 Following hose deployment a message should be sent to Control giving

the call sign of HLU(s) which have laid out hose, the amount of hose laid out and the number of pumps involved in a water relay.


4.13 In addition to the HLU driver the minimum personnel required to undertake hose retrieval

two crew members trained in hose recovery to work in the hose pod and three non- trained personnel to monitor the recovery process and to manage hose.


Defective lengths must be marked and removed by

an Operational Support Unit (OSU) to Technical rescue/hose workshop, Croydon. The advice of a Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection Officer (HMEPO) must be requested if there is any concern regarding the nature of any contaminant.