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AMS Controller provides control for what subsystems?

Environmental control
Hot air leak detection
Crew of monitoring
Wing and engine ice protection

Also interfaces with the smoke detector in the isolation bay and provides fault detection, isolation and reporting.


How is the AMS controlled?

Air conditioning / pneumatics control panel
Pressurization control panel


What does pneumatic system provide air for?

Anti ice
Environmental control system
Water pressurization


APU bleed in normal position

Allows the apu bleed valve to be controlled automatically by the APU FADEC.


What detects bleed leaks?

Dual overheat sensor loops. Which provides signals to the AMS controller.


What does an amber bar on a bleed button indicate?

That a bleed leak has been detected and that the respective system has been shut down. This will be accompanied with a caution message.


When will packs be closed?

No bleed air source
Pack button off
During engine start on the ground
Bleed duct system leak on that side.
BIT shutdown failures, which gives PACK 1 or 2 FAIL EICAS message.


AMS Controller logic

Provides auto control of

Engine bleed
APU bleed
Ecs packs
Recirculation bay smoke detection.


Engine bleeds open when?

Switch in auto
Bleed air is avail
No fire detected
No bleed duct leak is detected.


APU bleed valve opens auto when?

Switch is auto
Bleed air is avail
No APU and left bleed duct leak
Left engine bleed is not avail
Anti ice system is not on or if it is on has failed.


When will APU air be used when engine air is avail?

Opposite engine bleed pressure is below the minimum for engine start
On the ground
Ground speed below 50
APU bleed air is avail and anti ice is not requested
The cross bleed valve is operating normally.


Bleed cross feed switch opens automatically when?

When on side provides pressure and no source from the other side.
APU button out for main engine start.
Engine two start in the air
APU bleed off for engine one air start
No bleed leak unless during engine start.


Air flow through the cabin now?

Air flows from the packs, to the cabin
Lulled into the recirculation bay by the recirculation fans then to the mixer and back into the cabin with a 52/48 percent mix.


When do recirculation fans turn off?

If dump button is pushed or smoke is detected in the circulation bay.


When is gasped air shut off?

When air supply exceeds 35 c


How many fans in the forward e bay ventilation system?

Three, they draw air from the flight deck and expel air towards the under floor recirculation bay.


How is the center e bay ventilated?

Three fans that'll die cooling for the bay... It draws air from rear cabin return and expel towards the under floor recirculation bay.


How does aft e bay get vented?

Air flows from the aft cabin air and expelled towards the under floor recirculation bay.


How is forward cargo bay vented?

A fan on the side of the bay that provides under floor recirculated air into the bay.

There is a shut off valve at the outlet of the bay that closes if smoke is detected to prevent halon from living the bay. Plus, the recirculation fan is cemented off to prevent halon from entering the cabin.


What are temp control knobs connected to?

Directly to the AMS controller.


What makes up the air management system?

Cabin control system, which has its own controller...CPCS