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How many fire loops detectors?

Dual loop system. Can be dispatched with one inop. With both working both have to detect a fire to give warning.


Eating signals of fire?

Handle lights up, EICAS fire message, master warning, and a fire bell with the triple chimes.


Fire test button does what?

Fire handle lights
Master warning lights
Cargo fire
APU fire

Six lights and five messages and sounds.......????????????????


Where are fire bottles?

Compartment aft of right wing root.


Can one engine use both bottles?



I dicatio s on APU fire?

Triple chime, master warning and EICAS warning message. Press the APU EMER stop button. It will have a red bar in it. After pushed it will have what the bar.


Can fire test be one with APU running

Yes, but if not complete within ten seconds APU will shutdown.


EMER stop button on APU does what?

Fuel shutoff valve closes. Can be opened back up by turning APU switch to off and then back on after pushing EMER button again.


Protection for cargo

Two bottles between the compartments. Can only fire one way depending which is selected.


Number of smoke detectors in front cargo?

Three.... If one detects smoke the recirculation fan is shut off.
Fan shut off for sixty seconds and remaining detectors armed for 45 seconds. Flight deck warnings only happen if a remaining detector detects smoke within the 45 seconds.


How does extinguisher work in cargo?

Two discharges. One high rate to put out fire. The second is a low rate to prevent relight. Low rate starts one minute after high rate is discharged. It can be discharged by pressing button a second time.
Low rate bottle is not automatic on the ground. But can be discharged by pressing button a second time.


Can cargo protection be done without a warning?

Yes... Press once to arm and second to discharge.


Lav smoke

Detectors in each lav with test function on flight attendants panel... Master warning with just triple chime and EICAS message that does not say which lav. Flight attendants have indications. By smoke alarm and light telling them which one. Tests on forward FA panel. Gets flight deck warning.. If failed EICAS caution of failure ... Bottles automatically discharges.


Location of fire extinguisher on flight deck?

Ride side behind captain seat.


APU fire on ground

Will shut down automatically after ten seconds, but bottle not discharged.


Number of fire ext?

Four halon... One on flight deck and one water in cabin.