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Where do find the current revision of the GOM and CFM?

Manual currency list and aircraft public currency list


Can dispatch occur with only one Jep airway manual?

One set of Jep charts may be waived at the description of the chief pilot office. Crew member will be allowed to receive a fax copy or print out a duplicate from e-link website or copy from another crew member.


Exemption 5560

Lost certificate..... If not able to contact the FAA, must call crew tracking and talk to a supervisor. Super will verify identification through questions. Super will fax a temp airmen certificate letter which must contain the wording...... Issued under the authority of exemption 5487K
Pilot must contact FAA within 72 hours to obtain a new certificate.. The new temp must be sent to crew quals within 24 hours of receipt ... This can only be used when operating in the 48 and DC


What is low time SIC?

Fewer than 100 hours of 121 time in type.


Limitations of low time SIC and PIC is not a check airman?

PIC must do all take offs and landings at:
Special airports...also if visibility is less than 3/4 mile... RVR on landing cannot be at or less than 4,000.... Contaminated runways....braking action reported at less than good....xwind component exceeds 15 knots...wind shear in the vicinity.....and PIC prerogative.


High mins captain

Less than 100 hours PIC of 121 time in type.


Mins for high mins captain

Add 100 feet to the DA MDA of approach used and one half statute mile or refer to RVR chart of high mins captain.... GOM 7.39 talks about high mins
RVR chart is in op specs C054


Alternate for high mins captains.

cannot be lower than 300 and one mile... Check on other things...???


What is needed to go to a special airport?

Either pilot has made a take off and landing at that airport or review the Jeps regarding that airport.



100 hours of line operation required within 120 days after 121.441 check or does a line check.... If not done within 15o days then a course.


Green on green?

At least one pilot must have 75 hours in type.


What is required in the flight kit?

Airmen certificate, medical, FCC for captain, Mesa ID, Jeps and manuals..... CFM GOM FMS EGPWS on iPad. Flashlight, logbook, pen, extra pair of glasses if on medical.... Training folder.


Category A MEL

The interval is listed in the MEL remarks column.


Category B MEL

Three consecutive calendar days.


Category C MEL

Ten days


Category D MEL

120 Days


Category M MEL

Non Essential Furnishings has specific time frames specific to each individual NEF



Items of this nature are required to be on the dispatch release; however, no pilot action is required in referencing the NEF.


Extensions of Category B or C MELs

When a repair deadline cannot be met extensions my be granted for 3 days on a Cat B and 10 days on a Cat C. Cat A or D may not be extended for any reason.


What does M in the remarks or exception columns of the MEL mean?

There is a maintenance procedure required.


What does O in the remarks or Exceptions Column of MEL mean?

An operations procedure is required. Can be done by crew members... other personnel my be qualified and authorized. Will be outlined in the MEL.


How is a write up cleared or deferred?

cleared by the corrective action being taken by MX and indicating the corrective action taken with MX signature, EMP number... Contract MX us signature and AP certificate number.


Fuel procedures at gate

Door open and attached to jetway. All engines OFF...APR or GPU available. .....Beacon OFF...... wheels chocked and brakes set.......


Fueling away from gate

main cabin door open... all engines off..... FA 1 will make a refueling announcement..... FAs remain near their assigned location.


What if fuel is spilled during refueling?

PAX evacuated immediately.


Minimum items on the release?

Aircraft ID.........Flight number...... Departure destination, alternates and intermediate locations if applicable with those alternates........ IFR/VFR.......... Min fuel required........ MEL/CDL items............ weather reports.


How long is a release valid?

two hours


Procedure for making a correction or change to a release?

PIC can pencil in changes to original to include the changes, zulu time and dispatchers initials.


derived minimums

One navigational aid add 400 feet and one mile........
Two nav aids to two different runways....add 200 feet and half mile to the highest mins.


Marginal conditions?

conditions at the destination and first alternate are 500 feet and one mile above the lowest suitable landing mins. If all are then second alternate is required.