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How do the ice detectors work?

Vibration. When ice builds up it changes the vibration frequency. It also contains an internal heating element to shed ice after sending a message to the controller.


Which position does the engine cowl anti ice fail safe to?

Open to ensure that it will open in the event of loss of electrical power.


What happens when a wing heat bleed leak is detected on just one side?

Both anti ice bleed valves are closed. Neither side will be heated. This happens to prevent asymmetrical lift.


What happens when A/I off is selected in the MCDU?

Anti ice is inhibited during take off up to 1,700 feet or the first two minutes.


Items with ice and rain protection

Engines and wings.... Bleed air.
Smart probes.... Electric
TAT Probes..... Electric.... Provide sensor accuracy in icing conditions.
Windshields...... Electric...
Wipers.... Mechanically.
Drains..... Electrical.....


When does the anti ice system auto turn off?

Five minutes after departing icing conditions. Can always turn off manually by pushing out the buttons. Can also turn on manually by turning rotor switch to on.


What happens if MCDU set for ice off and flight deck switch is on?

EICAS caution message saying disagree.... Then turn switch back off.


What happens at 10,000 feet?

An automatic test on every flight.... At 10,000 feet or ten minutes after takeoff.


How does system work with engines only selected in MCDU?

Wings will not come on if in icing conditions until the 1700 or two minutes. If try to turn on the caution disagree message will come on.


Reasons for windshield heat.

Ice protection.... De fogging and pliability in case of bird strikes.


With just battery power and probe heat button in what happens?

Just one probe is hearted.