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Type of engines

GE CF34-8E high bypass dual rotor turbo fan


Thrust power of engines

13,800 pounds with 14,200 pounds on the reserve mode.


What does n1 indication come from?

The four stage low pressure turbine.


What does N2 indication come from?

The ten stage axial flow compressor which is driven by a two stage high pressure turbine.


What is on the gear box?

IDG and hydraulic pump


Components of the fuel distribution system

Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Fuel manifold
18 fuel injectors


What does heat exchange in fuel line to engine do?

Cools the engine oil and heats the fuel.


Number of igniters?


One used for on ground starts and both used for inflight restarts.


What happens when ignition switches are place in the OVRD position?

Both igniters are energized.


When are both igniters energized?

Air starts
Flame outs
Loss of AIRINC busses
A missed light off
Or if continuous ignition set by pilots


Auto position of ignition switches

FADEC controls the ignition system


OVRD position of ignition switches

FADEC continuously energizes both exciters while the engine is running.


When will FADEC deactivate ignition system?

Engine shut down
When ignition switch selected to off during dry motoring on ground.

In flight the FADEC disregards the off position.


What does FAIL on N1 indicate?

A flameout has been detected in flight or on ground. And an ignition indication will appear next to n2 and will stay on until five seconds after the the flame out detection has occurred.

If relight does not occur within 30 seconds moving the START/STOP selector switch to stop will terminate the auto relight.


What happens to hydraulic pump during windmill starts?

It is unloaded to reduce drag on the core rotor.


Percentages during engine start?

Ignition on at 7% N2
Fuel metering valve opens at 20% N2
Starter control valve energized at 50% N2
During air start FADEC will open fuel metering if 20% N2 has not been reached after 15 seconds


What protection is not offered by FADEC during inflight starts?

Hot starts
Hung starts
Failure to light off starts............. If no light off detected after 30 seconds after fuel flow started start should be aborted.