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What is allergic dermatitis?

Chronic inflammatory skin disorder that is associated with overproduction of IgE and eosinophils, characterised by intense pruritis and relapsing course


What is the history of AD?

- Relapsing course of intense pruritic rash in the typical distribution of a skin rash
- Personal or family history of atopic disease
- Dry skin, skin infection, white dermatographism
- Food allergy and intolerance


What are the exam finding in AD?

- Acutely - erythematous, papulovesicular rash, mostly on face, scalp, extensor surfaces of limbs and trunk
- With age the lesions localise to hands and feet, and antecubital and popliteal fossa
- Chronic - lichenification of skin


When do you investigate? How?

If not responding the simple management
Skin or serology testing


What is the management of allergic dermatitis?

- Avoid triggers
○ Skin irritants - soap and heat
○ Viral infections
○ Food allergens
○ Environmental allergens
○ Bacterial (staph aureus) or viral (herpes) skin infections
○ Stress
- Frequent topical moisturisers
- Antiseptic measures
- Wet wraps
- If symptoms persist
○ Topical corticosteroids - intermittent, avoid face
○ Anti-histamines for itch
- Abx for secondary infections