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What is DiGeorge's syndrome?

Variable syndrome due by a structural deletion of 22q11 characterised by the presence of a palatal abnormality and conotruncal congenital heart defect


How does DiGeorge's syndrome present?

- Palatal abnormality

- Conotruncal congenital cardiac defects - TOF, aortic arch defects, VSD, pulmonary atresia/stenosis, truncus arteriosus

- Classic facial appearance - prominent nasal bridge, narrow nostrils, and a bulbous nasal tip

- Developmental delay, learning disability, social immaturity

- Anxiety and phobias


What is Noonan syndrome?

Syndrome of congenital abnormalities including unusual facies, congenital cardiac defect, short stature, and chest wall deformity
- No chromosomal abnormality


What are the facial features in Noonan's?

Epicanthal folds
Broad forehead
Posteriorly rotated ears
Down-slanting eyes in infancy