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Race riots 1965-67

Caused by poor relations between police and blacks
Harlem and New York riots
Wats riot killed 34


Nation of Islam

Founded in 1930s
Argued for seperations
Said white society was rvajst and corrupt
Malcom x was a member


Fair housing act 1968

Banned descrimination in housing


Black panther party

Formed in California in 1966
Had 500 members by 1968
Argued blacks had to protect them selves from white racists using violence if resort
Killed 9 police officers between 1967-69


Why did black power decline

Organisation was poor and had little money
Glovern,met perferd kings no violent methods


How black power helped

Helped people in ghettos
Increased black ride and nationalism


Kennedy during black power

Sent troops to Birmingham to restore order after whites attacked the march
Supported MLK I have a dream speech
Took a tour of south states and advocated civil rights act


Eisenhower and black power

Riled desegregation of bus
Passed civil rights act


Johnson and black power

Established equal opportunity commission
Voting rights act
Fair housing act


Roosevelt and black power

Concerns about losing white votes
Pursed a law against lynching but dropped it after pressure in south
Set up fair employemt practise commute which improved jobs for blacks


Trueman and black power

Fair deal which promised to tackle back descrination
Brown vs board of education x desegregated schools


Successes of civil rights movement during Kennedy’s new frontier

Gave more important jobs to blacks than any other president
Appointed 5 black federal judges
Created CEEO commission of equal employment opportunity to ensure all employed by government had equal employment opportunities
By 1963 all states by Alabama we’re desegregation
Stood up to white politicians


Failures of civil rights during Kennedy’s new frontier

CEEO only helped those already in employment nit the unemployed
Attempted to get MLK to call of March on Washington
His civil rights bill never released in congress due to southern pressure


Successes in healthcare and decresing poverty during Kennedy’s new frontier

Increased minimum hourly wage from $1 to $1.25
Made $4.9 b available for loans to improve housing, clear slums and build roads
Social security act improved benefits for elders and unemployed


Failures in healthcare and decreasing poverty during Kennedy’s new frontier

Wage increase was in,y helpful to those in work
Loans to improve housing were only helpful Utd thy could afford loan replaymsmys
Congress defeated JFKs proposal for Medicare


Successes of eductaion during Kennedy’s new frontier

Established peace corps which sent volunteers abroad to assist people in poorer countries. They worked as teachers, doctors and nurses
Wanted to introduce an edicyaionloaw to give ,only to schools


Failures of eductaion during Kennedy’s new fr

His efforts to give funding for schools was declined
Congress dominated by southern politicians and refused to support his plans after civil rights clashes


Success of economy during Kennedy’s new frontier

Cut taxes to give people more money to spend in order to stimulate production and create jobs
Controlled prices and wages in order to control inflation
Made 900m available to business to crate new jobs and gave great s to communities to buy new tach and train workers on how to use it
Created training schemes for unemployed
Spent more on armed forces creating jobs


Failures of econ,y during Kennedy’s new frontier

New equipment meant less employees needed
By 1963 4.5 m were unemployed


Freedom riders

Many states weren’t desegregateimg busses so freedom riders debliberly road on them to highlight this on 4 May 1961
Attacked by angry mobs
200 arrested and spent 40 days in prison


Sit ins

1 Feb 1961
4 black students sat in on a all white lunch bar
Refused service
Next day 23 did the same and then next day 60 , within a week there were 400
1960 lunch bars desegregated in 126 cites


March on Washington

28 aug 1963
200000 blacks and 50000 whites marched into Washington to pressure jfk to inctrocue civil rights act
MLK I have a dream speech
Big impact in public opinion


Birmingham protests

May 1963
Commissioner of public safety used hoses and dogs in blacks
Images of brutally broadcast on tv - sympathy for civil rights


Voting rights act

Signed by president johnson
Prohibits discrimination based on race colour religion of origin


Voting rights act

Ensured a.. Americans could vote


Success of civil rights in Johnson’s great society

1964 civil rights act passed
Had a good understanding of southern politicians and could manipulate them to his advantage


Failures of civil rights in Johnson’s great society

Laws didn’t change people’s opinion
States got around segregation laws
In 1964 and 1965 b,acts in Harlem, ny and watts la rioted after blacks shot by police
1986 riots when MLK assinated


Successs of eductaion in Johnson’s great society

Operation headstart gave money to schools it give eductaion for poor
Elementary and secondary eductaion act provide funding for schools


Failure in eductaion in Johnson’s great society

Death toll grew for, solders in Vietnam
Programs were costly and increased debt


Success in economy in Johnson’s great society

Cut takes to give people more money to spend
Made 900m available to buisness to create new grants
Gave grant to company’s to buy new quipmeng
Increased spending in armed forces creating jobs
Safety standers increased and prices of consumer good monitored