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What did Roosevelt do in his first 100 days in office

The beer act, emergency banking act, used his radio to explain his ideas, the economy act


What was the beer act

Roosevelt made it legal to make and sell alcohol again


Why was the beer act effective

People were fed up with the problems prohibition had caused. The government could also make money by taxing it


What was the emergency banking act

All banks were closed for a 4 day back holiday. Every bank was inspected and only good banks were aloud to stay open. The government lent money to the banks to help them


Why was the emergency banking act effective

People put money back into their accounts. Banks could lend money to businesses and business would expand and create jobs


What was the economy act

They cut the pay of everyone working for the government, the army, airforce, navy by 1.5%


Why was the economy act effective

He saved a billion dollars which could be used to Help the unemployed


What did he do on his radio chats

He used the radio to explain his ideas. The chats were a great novelty for the people


Why was his radio ideas effective

Many Americans were convinced that their president was a man who was genuinely “in touch” with them


Some alphabet agencies

CCC civilian conservation corps
PWA public works administration
AAA agricultural adjustment agency
HOLC home owners loan corporation


What did the CCC do

Helped unemployed 18-25 year olds by giving food and shelter


What did the PWA do

Gave funds of $3300m yo buy building materials, employing workers, build schools, houses, hospitals,bridges, airports, ships, docks


What did the AAA do

Paid farmers to produce less and destroy some food they had already produced


What did the HOLC do

Government loaned money at a low rate of interest to people who could keep up morguage repayments. Helped 300 000 in first year


What laws were passed in the 2nd new deal

SCA soil conservation agency
NLRA national labour relations act
FSA farm security administration
SSA social security act


What did the sca do

Money was given to farmers who conserved and improved the soil on their farms.


What was the nlra

Workers were allowed to join trade unions so they could campaign for better pay and conditions. It was hoped that the bosses would listen if their workforce was unhappy


What was the fsa

Government loans were given to tenant farmers so they could buy their own land. They also set open camps to help poor farming families who lost their own farms or left the, to find work


What was the saa

Government pensions were provided for old people, widows and disabled people. They also established a system of payment for the sick and unemployed


Who thought that Roosevelt interfered too much in peoples lives

Republicans claimed that he was behaving lik a dictator
The rich resented having to pay higher tax
Business leaders didn’t like the trade unions and the campaign to raise wedges


Who thought the new deal wasn’t enough

Doctor Francis Townsend thought that older people should get a pension if they gave up their jobs which freed up jobs for younger people.
Father coughlin said that not enough was done for the poor
Huey kingfish long said that family’s should get 4000-5000 dollars. He promised a minimum wedge, houses for war vetrans,pensions and free education


Successes of the new deal

The Indian reorganisation act of 1934 gave money to native Americans to buy and improve land
Many African Americans benefited from new sea, projects like slum clearance and new housing schemes
Women achieved prominent positions
Projects like TVA brought work and improved living in deprived area as well as schools,roads,power stations
Roosevelt supported unions and protected workers rights
The new deal created jobs through alphabet agencies and work schemes


Limitations of the new deal

Roosevelt was accused of being communist and being anti business because he supported unions
There were still 6m unemployed in 1941
Many new deal agencies discriminated against blacks, no works and low wedges
Most of the new deal programmes were aimed to help men not women
Native Americans remained a poor and excluded section of society
Unions were treated with suspicion by employers