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What was the brown vs board of education

17 May 1954
Supreme Court agreed that segregation in school is unconstitutional


What was the murder if emmet till

August 1955 Emmet till is kidnapped, beaten and shot while visiting family. He was killed for whistling at a white woman


What was the bus boycott

1 December 1955 Rosa parks refuses to give up her seat for a white person. In response to her arrest montogomery black community launch a bus boycott
The buses were desegregated in 21 December 1956


What was the Little Rock

September 1957
9 black students were blocked from enetering the school on orders of the governor
President Eisenhower sent guards to protect the student


Freedom riders

May 4 1961
Student volunteers began taking bus trips through th south to test out new laws that prohibit segregation in interstate travel facilities. They were called freedom riders as they were attacked by angry mobs along the way


Civil rights act 1964

Prohibits all discrimination based on race, colour, religion, or national origin. It also gave federal government powers to enforese desegregation


Voting rights act 1965

Ensured all a,Erica s had right to vote


Sit ins

February 1 1960
4 black students from North Carolina began a sit in at Woolworths lunch bar. They were refused service.
This triggered many similar non violent protests throughout the south. 6 months later the 4 protesters were served lunch at the bar
Sit ins took place in pools, theatres, library’s


Civil rights protest

May 1963
Civil rights protest in Birmingham Alabama. Commissioner of public safety used fire hoses and police dogs on black demonstrators. The images of brutality were televised and viewed publicly and were gaining sympathy for the civil rights movement


March on Washington

28 August 1963
200 000 joined the march on Washington. MLK I have a dream speech


What was the Nation of Islam

Argued for separatism. Said white society was racist and corrupt and rejected Christianity as a white mans religion. Best known member was Malcom X


What was the black panther party

Formed in California in 1966 had 5000 members in 1968. Extreme militant group rejected kings non violent approaches. It argued blacks has to protect themselves from white racists using violence if nesesary


What did Malcolm x believe

Violence was nessary to bring about change


Why did black power movement decline quickly

Organisation was poor and had little money
Government preferred kings peaceful methods to the hatred and violence of black power


How did the black power help Americans

Tried to help the inner city ghettos
Increased black pride and a sense of black nationalism


How did the new frontier help the civil rights

Gave more important jobs to blacks
Created CEEO to ensure people employed in federal government had equal opportunity’s


How did the new fronteir fail civil rights

The CEEO only helped those in employment and didn’t help find jobs for the unemployed blacks
He attempted to get MLK to call of the March on Washington


How did the great society help the civil rights

1964 civil rights act passed which banned segregation and banned discrimination in employment


How did great society fail the civil rights

In 1964 and 1965 blacks in Harlem, NY, LA rioted after blacks were shot by police
In 1968 more riots broke out due to MLK assassination


What did the staus commission find

Women earned 60 less
95 percent of managers were me
4 percent of lawyers and 7 percent of Doctor were women
In some jobs women were dismissed if they were marries


What was progress was made in 1965

All married couples allowed to use contraception



California adipted a no fault divorce law allowing couples to divorce by mutual consent



Educational amendment act. Bans sexual discrimination in education
Equal rights amendments that equality of rights under the law could not be denied based on sex



Roe vs Wade
Jane roe allowed to have an abortion. Supreme Court ruled that women has the right to same and legal abortion


Why was Betty fiedans book important

1963-feminine mystique Said women should have equal rights with men in every ways and that women should be allowed to Persue a good career


What was the NOFW

National organisation for women that demanded quality rights in the law and a women right to make desicions with reproduction. Held protests. In a few years has 400,000 members


Opposition to women’s rights

Many were anti abortion and anti premarital sex
Many women were happy with their status in society
Many women weren’t interested in feminism
Many religious groups used the bible to justify male dominace